Korinna Perla

After going through a divorce in 1989, I was desperate and in need for help and healing.
I was confused and scared, but I needed answers. Although I was not too familiar with Astrology, I decided to visit an Astrologer, which proved to be a great decision. The Astrologer I visited was accurate in depicting the individual I was. She also helped me realize the fears and confusion I was going through at the time.  It was all through her interpreting my astrological profile. This completely changed my view on Astrology and those who practice Astrology.

Eventually, I found an Astrologer who mentored me and gave me private lessons once a week for 3 years. During that time, she not only helped me develop and practice Astrology, but also helped me cope with the rough transition in my life.  Astrology had awoken something in me and I started studying it at every opportunity.  I started going to numerous workshops, seminars, and events - just to learn more. In 1990, I learned that to completely understand the divinatory arts, I needed to learn about Numerology and Tarot cards.  I started studying Numerology and Tarot at every opportunity, much like I did with Astrology.  I would take any opportunity to do readings for my friends or family, just for the practice.  Even my father, who is a Minister, was shocked at the accuracy of my readings and acknowledged my abilities. 

Shortly after, I started my own business in New Jersey (NJ) and started building up my clientele.  As my success grew, so did my recognition.  In 1994, a college in NJ contacted me to conduct a Numerology class.  A few years later, I was on a CNBC talk show discussing my talents and doing a live example with an audience member.

My gift as an Astrologist is complemented by the unique way I read charts, cards or numbers associated with an individual. This unique perspective results in a very personalized and accurate reading for my clients. It also gives me great joy to heal someone lost, confused, or in need of help; as I once was.


177 22nd Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA


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